Books by Jay Thomas Willis

Jay Thomas Willis, MSW, M.ED. was born in East Texas, and is a graduate of the University of Houston, where he earned a Master's degree in social work. He is also a graduate of the Master's degree counseling program at Texas Southern University, and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in sociology and social and rehabilitative services at Stephen F. Austin State University. He studied toward a Ph.D. in sociology at two different universities in the Midwest.

Willis has taught social work and sociology in community college and university settings. He spent seven years as Clinical Social Worker and Supervisor of an in-patient psychiatric unit, as well as serving as Consultant to a boys' group home, a nursing home, and several home/health care agencies. In addition to practicing direct social work in a medical setting for four years, he worked as a family counselor for two. Willis has spent several years in both part and full-time private practice. He was a Peer Reviewer for the American Psychiatric Association, and has been a Peer Reviewer for the American Psychological Association as well. He has also written at least fifteen journal articles on issues related to the African-American family. He has written 21 books of fiction and nonfiction, and several consumer articles.

Jay Thomas Willis is currently a freelance writer. He has written over 350 featured Op-Ed Commentaries for the Chicago Defender, East Side Daily News, Dallas Examiner, and the Final Call Newspaper. He lives in Richton Park, Illinois with his wife and son. Check out the titles section for detailed information on his current book offerings, and how you can purchase them.

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